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Breast Cancer-2022

Culture Day-2023

Breast Cancer-2021


1,000 Tree Planting Project-2022

Mental Heath Event-2022

Hidden Spring Cleanupp-2022

Culture Day-2021

Art Competition-2022

World Children's Day-2022

Hot Seat- Dr. Atif

How To 'GIT113' Talk

How To 'Make a Study Plan' Talk

Hot Seat- Dr. Ahmed Yaqinuddin

How To 'POD233' Talk

How To 'Cope with Stress' Talk

Hot Seat- Dr. Paul

How To 'CVP121' Talk

How To 'MSK112' Talk

How To 'NEU241' Talk

The Art of Time Management

So You Want To Be A 'Pathologist' Talk

How To 'MOLII' Talk

Hot Seat- Dr.Ani

'Journey To US Residency' Talk

Deans List's Ceremony-2019

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