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Team Roles & Responsibilities

Team Roles & Responsibilities

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Training and Development Team

Led by Rawan Elshaer

  • Curating educational workshops for developing clinical skills in Pediatrics (i.e. history, physical exam, pediatric emergency care). 
  • Hosting talks in various areas such as:
    1. Residency Pathways
    2. Pediatric subspecialties
  • Hosting conferences for students to practice presentation skills. 

Research Team

Led by Sulaiman AlSalameh

  • Training students in research proficiency.
  • Teaching students how to come up with research topics.
  • Contacting consultants to provide research opportunities for students interested in Pediatrics.
  • Ensuring the workflow and progress of projects.
  •  Hosting Pediatric Journal Club sessions. 

Awareness Team

Led by Heba Jaamour

  • Leading and planning joint awareness projects with KFSH&RC; This includes both inpatient awareness, public awareness and medical awareness. 
  • Research and develop education and awareness materials for schools, community groups, and the general public in both English and Arabic.
  •  Providing volunteering opportunities for students.
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